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Unmanned Platforms and Robotics

Most professional drones, industrial drones or special-built drones that are equipped with live video transmission capability will usually have two radio units installed on the drone, one radio for telemetry drone control, and the other for the video transmission. ACE6 mMESH™ module can be used for both telemetry drone control and live video transmission, two functions built into one radio unit. This will greatly improve drone design when mMESH™ product is used as the primary radio.

With only one radio unit, the overall weight of the drone can be reduced, or the less-off weight can be allocated for other payloads. And as less power is required to power only one radio, the operational time of the unmanned vehicle can be increased.

Our mMESH™ Core Module can be integrated directly into drones, or drone manufacturers can also use our integrated QD Lite mMESH™ lightweight radio unit.

“Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way”

Tom Freston