mMESH™ for Infrastructure

mMESH™ for Vehicles

mMESH™ for Special Operations

mMESH™ for Unmanned Platforms & Robotics

mMESH™ for Ad-hoc Rapid Deploy

mMESH™ and Video

mMESH™ for Special Operations

Team-based units such as those in police, fire departments, border security, search & rescue and personal protection security improve their risk navigation capabilities with the help of bodyworn mMESH™. The efficient transmission of real-time on-ground information allows faster and more effective decisions to be made on the field. This helps improve precision and safety for all personnel involved in mission critical scenarios.

Organizations that can benefit from our handheld/bodyworn mMESH™ products are:

  • Police Force
  • Fire Department
  • Border Defence (Land)
  • Coast Guard and other marine security agencies
  • Defence
  • Emergency First Responders
  • Search & Rescue agencies
  • Disaster Relief agencies
  • Private security companies
  • Broadcasters
  • Oil and gas

Team-based Scenario

Marine agencies tasked with coastal protection will be required to send boarding parties to deal with many different situations, from piracy to smuggling activies to illegal fishing. Such operations always involved a team and having good situation awareness of the whole operation is critical, not only for decision making but also to ensure the safety of the boarding party. Equipped with Personnel Tactical Communication Kit, marine boarding parties will be able to stay connected to Command Ship.

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