mMESH™ for Infrastructure

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mMESH™ for Special Operations

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mMESH™ for Ad-hoc Rapid Deploy

mMESH™ and Video

Live Video Transmission

Get the complete picture of any situation. With up to 100Mbps of network bandwidth, mMESH™ products allow multiple high-definition IP videos to be shared across nodes.

mMESH™ pairs perfectly with cameras worn on the body, installed on drones and vehicles, or mounted for surveillance and broadcasting, delivering high quality audiovisual data across the network even while teams are on the move. Find out more about PTT and Robust Bodyworn mMESH™ in our Personal Tactical Communication Kit.

The mMESH™ ATHENA kit is designed specifically for situations that call for ad-hoc quick-deploy private networks. It is used by police units and private security firms for added surveillance power in specialised protective services.

Unmanned air, sea and land drones also rely heavily on cameras, for which mMESH™ delivers an ideal wireless transmission solution. Find out more here.

mMESH™ and Video can have a large variety of applications, do feel free to contact our sales for a free consultation on how this combination can work for you and your organization.

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