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mMESH™ networks can function independently of public telecommunication infrastructure, and are versatile enough to offer an ideal base architecture for the integration of diverse edge equipment.

Remote Edge Devices and Equipment

Command, Control and Monitoring Centre

The two-way broadband capabilities of mMESH™ support the use of IP-based edge devices like those shown in, but not limited to, the diagram above. With these, high capacity audiovisuals and text data can be transmitted to and from command centres and on-ground units.

mMESH™ solutions have been welcomed in various government and private industries, such as:

1.  Homeland protection agencies, including police, fire fighting, immigration and customs.

2.  Border security agencies, including the coast guard, police naval patrol, border land patrol and fishery departments.

3.  Emergency services, such as disaster first responders and search & rescue organisations.

4.  Defence and military organisations.

5.  Commercial businesses, including oil and gas, maritime, telecommunication, broadcasting, private security and disaster relief NGOs.

6.  Unmanned vehicles in land, sea and air, including drone taxis and autonomous robotics.

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