mMESH™ for Defence

mMESH™ for Law Enforcement

mMESH™ for Marine Protection

mMESH™ for Emergency Services and Search & Rescue

mMESH™ for Commercial Business

mMESH™ for Unmanned and Aerial

Solutions we offer

With our mMESH™ products at the core, we are able to assist customers in integrating different end user devices and equipment. We have integrated various solutions which typically take this basic architecture.

Remote Edge Devices and Equipment

Command, Control and Monitoring Centre

Being a 2-way broadband network, IP-based edge devices (not limited to those in the picture), will be able to transmit video, data and audio via the mMESH™ network to Command & Control Centre, and vice versa.

This solution architecture can be applied to various sectors:

1. Defence, which includes Army, Navy and Airforce.

2. Homeland protection agencies, which includes Police, Fire Department, Immigration Department, Customs, Border Security etc.

3. Marine Protection agencies, which includes Coast Guard, Police Naval Patrol, Border Patrol, Naval Customs department, Fishery agency and other marine agencies responsible for domestic marine protection and safety.

4. Commercial Business, which includes verticals like Oil and Gas / Energy, Maritime, Mining, Telecommunication, Broadcasting, Forestry, NGOs involved in disaster relief etc.

5. Unmanned Drone and Aerial Vehicles manufacturers,

6. Emergency Services & First Responders.

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