mMESH™ for Defence

Whenever armed forces are deployed, whether for combat or humanitarian aid, it is critical for military commanders to have a reliable field communication network for better command and control, and intelligence gathering. mMESH™ is an excellent platform to provide an IP-based, fully mesh broadband network where voice, data and video can be transmitted across the theatre of operation seamlessly.

mMESH™ for Law Enforcement

Police, Fire Department, Customs and Immigration, Intelligence agencies etc. are all important domestic agencies. Whether it is police anti-terror operation, or police riot control, or firemen fighting to control raging fires, or customs officers checking suspicious cargo, mMESH™ can be deployed in various ways to support the operations of these government organizations.

mMESH™ for Marine Protection

Agencies responsible for coastal security will require sending boarding parties to inspect suspicious vessels. Using mMESH™, these agencies can create a network connecting the members of the boarding party to the patrol ships. A network can also be created between RHIBs and smaller boats to a larger patrol ship with a satellite connection.

mMESH™ for Emergency Services & First Responders

Emergency Services, Disaster Search and Rescue, and other types of first responders will often need to respond to accidents or disasters in off-grid locations, away for any public telecom infrastructure. mMESH™ provides the ideal localized IP-based broadband communication network that can be deployed on an ad-hoc basis to enable each rescue personnel to remain in contact with other team members.

mMESH™ for Commercial Business

mMESH™ products can be adapted to cater to the business needs of commercial entities in the telecommunication, broadcasting, energy, marine, mining, and other commercial verticals. NGOs’ can also use mMESH™ products during rescue efforts when emergencies or natural disasters strike.

mMESH™ for Unmanned and Aerial

mMESH™ is an integrated platform that can allow both control telemetry and video streaming to be combined and transmitted over a single transceiver, instead of 2 separate transceivers. This can reduce overall weight of the drone, and reduce power consumption. Which all translate to longer operating time of the drone.

Welcome to ACE6

ACE6 Technology, with R&D teams located across the globe, designs and manufactures our mMESH™ range of products. mMESH™ is a fully IP-based, microwave communication product, based on COFDM technology,

In today’s world, safety and security cannot be taken lightly. Threats to human lives and assets are myriad and it’s becoming more challenging to keep cities safe. Our products and solutions can help protect and keep human lives and assets safe.


mMESH™ is an advance microwave product that is able to establish an IP-based communication network in both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight situation. The solution is hub-less, and it can form connections in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint settings.

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Robust Bodyworn mMESH™
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Robust mMESH™
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