mMESH™ for Infrastructure

Permanent mMESH™ installations on buildings and communication towers deliver private networks for the daily operations of military, security and first-responder organisations. mMESH™ equipped vehicles can then be deployed to deliver real-time surveillance information to HQ control centres within these buildings. Telecommunication providers can also leverage on mMESH™ to enhance their service offerings, especially when integrated with IP-based satellite networks.

mMESH™ for Vehicles

Enhance surveillance of land, air and sea with mMESH™ installed on vehicles, vessels and aircraft. mMESH™ nodes are also commonly used on helicopters and drones to extend network coverage by functioning as repeaters. Personnel in mMESH™ connected vehicles are able to send and receive real-time audiovisual data over secure and reliable networks, providing command centres with high quality situational awareness.

mMESH™ for Special Operations

Team-based government forces such as those in police, fire departments, border security, search & rescue and personal protection security improve their risk navigation capabilities with the help of bodyworn mMESH™. The efficient transmission of real-time on-ground information allows faster and more effective decisions to be made on the field.

mMESH™ for Unmanned Platforms & Robotics

Get wider surveillance coverage, for longer. mMESH™ radios offer dual-functionality of telemetry/drone control, and video transmission platform, reducing overall drone weight and power consumption, translating to longer operating times.

mMESH™ for Ad-hoc Rapid Deploy

During an emergency, battery-powered mMESH™ products allow a robust communication network to be established quickly and easily, in demanding environments. Teams like first responders and personal protection forces can stay connected with a fully IP, self-sustaining, private network, even when deployed on short notice.

mMESH™ and Video

Get the complete picture of any situation. mMESH™ pairs perfectly with cameras worn on the body, installed on drones and vehicles, or mounted for surveillance and broadcasting, delivering high quality audiovisual data across the network even while teams are on the move.

Delivering Mission Assurance

Help teams gain mastery of any situation by strengthening situational awareness and eliminating vulnerabilities. Send and receive high quality audiovisual data among vehicles and personnel, reliably and efficiently. mMESH™ uses advanced COFDM wireless technology to establish a robust IP-based communication network that is hub-less, dynamically self-organising and minimises points of failure.

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Private wireless mesh connectivity for challenging environments.

mMESH™ is an advance COFDM wireless product that is able to establish an IP-based private communication network in both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight situation. The mMESH™ wireless network is hub-less, and it can form connections in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint settings.

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Dome Camera mMESH™

Robust mMESH™

Commander mMESH™

High Power Robust mMESH™



“We do not take away the powers of surveillance. We do not take away the right and the power of the government to go after those who would do us wrong”

Larry Craig

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