mMESH™ Products


What’s New

Our IP-based mMESH™ microwave products are designed, developed and manufactured in-house. Using COFDM radio frequency technology, our software-defined mMESH™ products are able to form networks in both line-of-sight and non line-of-sight situation. The product is designed to be hub-less, and it can establish networks in any configuration, ie point-to-pointpoint-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity. Each node in the network can function as a repeater, allowing mMESH™ to offer extended range coverage.

mMESH™ is designed to operate on a mesh/mannet platform whereby all radios operating in the network will be self-healing, consistently forming new RF paths or links to create the most robust network possible in any given environment. The mMESH™ is a quick deploy bi-directional solution; a private IP-based network  can be established in a matter of minutes, interconnecting up to 32 radios in a single frequency. Being fully IP-based, mMESH™ networks are able to interconnect with any legacy IP-based network, including satellite IP networks. When combined with traditional satcomm or other long range strategic communication techniques, mMESH™ offers a truly last-mile connectivity for frontline operations, allowing the transmission of voice, data and video from front-end to back-end Operation Command.

mMESH™ self-forming capability fully support mobility applications like unmanned drones application, convoy movement, anti-terror tactical unit deployment etc. Equipped with AES encryption and interference and jamming counter-measures, ACE6 mMESH™ provides a secure private communication network for the most extreme operating environments. Whether its the deployment of a spec-ops law enforcement unit (eg. SWAT) or the deployment of military assets for a mission, or the deployment of a fire-fighting unit etc, mMESH™ allow for fast deployment of a private network within the field of operation that can provide operation commanders with up-to-date information, leading to better situation awareness and faster decision making.

Our mMESH™ products come in three base models, Robust, Bodyworn and Standard. Presently the available operating frequency bands for our products range from 320 – 5900Mhz. See Table below for the bands available to each product.

Frequency Range Robust mMESH™ High Power Robust mMESH™ Standard mMESH™ PTT mMESH™ Robust Bodyworn mMESH™
320 – 420 Mhz
450 – 600 Mhz
520 – 650 Mhz
1000 – 1500 Mhz
1200 – 1500 Mhz
2000 – 2500 Mhz
Under Development
4800 – 5000 Mhz
5000 – 5300 Mhz
5700 – 5900 Mhz     Under Development

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