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Private wireless mesh connectivity for challenging environments.




mMESH™ is an IP-based, high-capacity wireless solution that keeps people, vehicles and command centres connected in the most adverse and volatile scenarios. Designed, developed and produced by ACE6 Technology, mMESH™ products use COFDM radio frequency technology to form reliable networks in a matter of minutes, even in non line-of-sight situations.

Designed to be hub-less with no single point of failure, mMESH™ products eliminate vulnerabilities while offering seamless interoperability with existing infrastructure. No complex programming is required, and each mMESH™ node can function as a repeater, offering extended range coverage to suit your needs.


Self-forming, self-healing and self-contained, mMESH™ allows audiovisual data to be transmitted in any configuration within a multi-point network for the most efficient and robust communications. Using mMESH™, up to 64 radios in a single frequency can be rapidly connected, even accommodating legacy technology such as satellite IP networks. When combined with traditional satcom or other types of long range strategic communication technologies, mMESH™ is an ideal last mile connectivity solution for frontline operations, supplying command centres with high quality real-time audiovisual information.


mMESH™ products fully support mobility, allowing teams to communicate anywhere, anytime. They have been successfully deployed for the management of unmanned drones, convoy movements, anti-terror tactical units, fire-fighting units, and numerous other scenarios where a secure, quick-deploying, private network is critical. mMESH™ has helped countless teams gain mastery of extreme environments by providing improved real-time situational awareness for more effective, efficient decision making.

mMESH™ products offer operating frequency bands from 320 – 5900Mhz. The bands available to each product are shown in the table below.

Frequency Range Robust mMESH™ High Power Robust mMESH™ Commander mMESH™ PTT MK2 mMESH™ Robust Bodyworn mMESH™ (new model to be released soon) PTZ Camera mMESH™ Dome Camera mMESH™ Quick Deploy/ Quick Deploy Lite mMESH™
320 – 420 Mhz
450 – 600 Mhz
520 – 650 Mhz
1100 – 1500 Mhz
1200 – 1500 Mhz
2000 – 2500 Mhz
4200 – 4400 Mhz
4800 – 5000 Mhz
5000 – 5300 Mhz
5700 – 5900 Mhz     Under Development

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