The new High Power Robust mMESH™ MK2 is building using our latest COFDM technology, allowing higher data throughput of up to 200Mpbs. Equipped with dual Ethernet interface, each Ethernet interface can accept individual IP addresses. The Auxiliary port provides USB, audio and serial interfaces.

Build with 10W power amplifier, this product is ideal for telecom infrastructure network applications, and it can also be installed in vehicles for longer range transmission in the field.


The new ATHENA  Kit is a rapid deploy surveillance kit developed for added surveillance needed during VIP events. It integrates surveillance cameras with ACE6 COFDM mMESH™ technology, allowing a private mesh network to be established quickly, independent of any existing surveillance infrastructure. ATHENA Kit is fully battery-powered, allowing fast deployment for any short notice ad-hoc events. Download ATHENA Kit Flyer here.

New MIMO Option

MIMO feature is finally here! MIMO has been requested by our customers and we are now releasing the MIMO licence upgrade. With MIMO, the mMESH™ network data rate can be doubled to 100Mbps! Please contact us to check whether your mMESH™ device is eligible for this upgrade option. (PTT mMESH™ does not support MIMO feature.)

Increased mMESH™ Nodes in a Network

The latest feature we have added to our mMESH™ products is the increased devices-per-network, doubling from 32 mMESH™ devices to 64 devices in 1 network! This allow users to have more flexibility in network planning. Scaling and expanding the network coverage also becomes easier as users now have double the devices limit to plan their network.


The PTT mMESH™ (MK2) has an overall improved design and a simplified user interface. Equipped with our latest interference-countermeasure technologies, the PTT mMESH™ (MK2) is now better equipped to operate in an urban environment where interference is often encountered. ACE6 Technology once again deliver a refreshed quality product to our mMESH™ product range.

New Robust mMESH™

The new Robust mMESH™ has an improved design for heat dissipation, and its fitted with more heavy duty connectors for even more rugged operations. Utilizing the latest ACE6 interference-countermeasures technologies, the Robust mMESH™ is the latest mMESH™ product to get a physical upgrade.

Time Slot Re-use (TSR)

TSR is a new software feature developed by our R&D team. It allows time slots to be re-used in the mMESH™ network, thereby minimizing the degradation in data throughput that is inherent in any TDM mesh network. This feature is especially useful when users need to transport data from source to destination that require more than 4 hops over the mesh network as illustrated below.


Stay tune for more new products and features from ACE6 TECHNOLOGY.

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