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Robust mMESH™

The 2W Robust mMESH™ is highly versatile due to its small size, light weight and weather-proof design. This model can be used in many different applications like urban infrastructure, quick-drop applications for range extension, land/sea/aerial vehicles, tactical deployment, disaster recovery quick-deploy telecom infrastructure, search and rescue operations, private security networks etc.

The model comes with RS232 and Ethernet interface.

Robust mMESH™ Specifications

High Power Robust mMESH™

The High Powered mMESH™ node is designed for infrastructure applications like telecom infrastructure redundancy, mobile backhaul infrastructure, remote area connectivity, private security networks etc. This product is also widely deployed in the marine and oil & gas sector, as well as used in specialised vehicles.

Built with a 10W power amplifier, the product offers longer transmission range and is weatherproof. The model comes with RS232 and Ethernet interface.

High Power Robust mMESH™ Specifications

Standard mMESH™

The 2W Standard mMESH™ comes with inbuilt video encoder, and comes with HDMI and CVBS interface. Typically used when video surveillance is required. Some area of application is border security, remote area security, critical area security, public events security etc, safe city applications, private security networks.

Besides the HDMI and CVBS interface, the unit also comes with serial and Ethernet interface, and built-in WIFI.

Standard mMESH™ Specifications

Robust Bodyworn mMESH™ (MK2)

The Robust BWM MKII is designed for tactical and spec-ops application, where mission-critical all-round communication is required for the success of the operation. The mMESH™ network will allow 2-way IP communication between the Operation Commander and the tactical unit(s).

This model comes with options for PTT headsets, helmet cameras and GPS. Standard IP and RS232 interface option is available, and it comes with built-in WIFI.

Robust Bodyworn mMESH™ (MK2) Specifications

PTT Bodyworn mMESH™

The PTT (Push-To-Talk) Bodyworn mMESH™ is our latest product that caters to a segment that require handheld mMESH™ product but does not require the higher-end specs of the Robust Bodyworn mMESH™. This model is highly suitable for search and rescue operations, marine surveillance and protection, border patrol, city patrol, disaster first responder application, remote area PTT applications like mining/oil and gas/logging etc.

This model comes with a screen and keypad for standard PTT applications, and includes built-in WIFI. The PTT mMESH™ can connect with all present mMESH™ models.

PTT Bodyworn mMESH™ Specifications