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Government Sector

During an emergency, battery-powered mMESH™ products allow a robust communication network to be established quickly and easily, in demanding environments. Teams like first responders and personal protection forces can stay connected with a fully IP, self-sustaining, private network, even when deployed on short notice.

mMESH™ nodes can be operated on batteries, vehicle power, generators or solar power, allowing them to function in the harshest conditions, without requiring complex on-site configuration.

VIP Private Security

Quick-deploying, versatile and self-sustaining, the ATHENA kit combines advanced ACE6 mMESH™ technology and world-class audiovisual hardware to deliver a comprehensive surveillance solution. The ATHENA kit is ideal for the demanding security needs of personal protective services, and can be customised according to specific operational needs. Stream high capacity camera feed from multiple points to a command centre, without dependence on electricity, employing self-routing, self-healing COFDM wireless mesh technology as a robust communications backbone.

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