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mMESH™ and Video

A key to success in any tactical operation is the ability for tactical team members, or personnel, to possess good communication links with Operational Command. ACE6’s mMESH™ Personnel Tactical Communication (PTC) Kit is developed for this purpose. Integrated to the mMESH™ unit are GPS, headset with mic, helmet mounted camera, ruggedized Android handheld devices and bio sensors. The bio sensor will be able to track a person’s heart rate, respiration rate etc, and these data can be sent back to Operation Command, providing Commanders the health status of the entire tactical team.

The live video feeds from the helmet cameras can provide Operation Command with better situation awareness needed to achieve greater mission efficiency. The solution allows for flexibility of configurations to meet user’s needs and operational requirements. Our bodyworn mMESH™ unit has integrated Wifi that allows connection to end-devices like ruggedised handheld computer/pads.

mMESH™ will form a private network among the tactical team and Operation Commander on the mothership. With the onboard VSAT system on the mothership, the operation’s video, audio and data can be transmitted back to Command HQ. This will provide Command HQ with full tactical situation awareness of the operation.


The same solution can be applied on land to law enforcement agencies. Operation Command Vehicle is connected to the anti-terror units via ACE6 Personnel Tactical Communication kit, and operation commander will be able to direct the operation more efficiently with ACE6 advance mMESH™ network in place.  

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