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mMESH™ for Unmanned and Aerial



Most professional or industrial drones that are equipped with live video streaming capability will have 2 radio units installed on the drone, one radio for telemetry drone control, and the other for the video transmission. ACE6 mMESH™ radio, equipped with serial interface, allows the mMESH™ module to be used for both telemetry drone control and live video transmission, two functions in one radio unit.

With only 1 radio unit, the weight of the drone can be reduced for UAVs. And as less power is required to power only one radio, the flight time of the UAV can be increased.

Our mMESH™ Core Module can be integrated directly into drones and helicopters. Or a lightweight mMESH™ enclosure can be designed to integrate the unit to the UAV. Here is an example of a lightweight enclosure designed to be mounted at the bottom of a helicopter drone.