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Protecting a country’s coastline is an important function, from preventing piracy and armed threats to simply discouraging illegal fishing or smuggling activities, each country has its own marine protection agencies to safeguard its seas. On some occasions the functions of these agencies can overlap. Broadly, other than the Navy, these agencies can be

• Coast Guard
• Border Patrol
• Police Naval Patrol
• Customs Coastal Patrol
• Marine Rescue
• Marine and Coastal Surveillance etc

Coastline Surveillance Solution

ACE6 COFDM advance microwave mMESH™ solution provides marine protection agencies with advance communication technologies to effectively respond to a range of common coastal threats and emergencies. mMESH™ can be integrated with various maritime surveillance cameras, software and drone products.

mMESH™ allows the creation of a marine private network for marine protection agencies. The network will allow the transmission of video, data, voice, and GPS location amongst the vessels and RHIBs that has a mMESH™ node installed. Integrated with surveillance cameras, real time video can be transmitted back to Command Centre, as well as any patrol vessels in the area that is connected to the network. The mMESH™ infrastructure is flexible and can be expanded depending on the operational requirements of the end user.

The local Command Centre can have a satellite communication system installed to maintain connectivity with other Regional Command Centres and Headquarter. On a local level, mMESH™, LTE and other communication solutions can be integrated to extend network coverage to the surrounding coastline.

Larger patrol vessels can have marine VSAT system installed together with mMESH™. mMESH™ will be used to connect to other smaller support vessels, RHIBs and unmanned surface vehicles (USV); while VSAT is used for long range connection to Headquarters. With this network coverage, all vessels can be equipped with video cameras and Command HQ will have better situation awareness of the marine coastline, as well as observing any special operations conducted by the marine agencies.

Team-based Solution

Marine agencies tasked with coastal protection will be required to send boarding parties to deal with many different situations, from piracy to smuggling activies to illegal fishing. Such operations always involved a team and having good situation awareness of the whole operation is critical, not only for decision making but also to ensure the safety of the boarding party. Equipped with Personnel Tactical Communication Kit, marine boarding parties will be able to stay connected to Command Ship.

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