mMESH™ for Defence

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mMESH™ for Emergency Services and Search & Rescue

mMESH™ for Commercial Business

mMESH™ for Unmanned and Aerial

Emergency Services and Search & Rescue teams are often called upon when disasters strikes, or when accidents occur in remote areas like in the forest or mountains. Teams are usually formed to conduct search and rescue operations. Equipping these teams with PTT mMESH™ will enable the various teams to stay connected to each other. Videos from bodyworn cameras attached to mMESH™ can transmit the search efforts to Operations Command via the mMESH™ network. And information from Operations Command can be sent to the search teams.

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The same mMESH™ setup can be applied to fire fighters, who also operate in teams. The Commanding Officer of the fire fighting operation will be able to get live video feed from the cameras mounted on the firemen, and also from drone deployed in the air to survey the fire situation.

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