Solutions for Armed Forces

Whether in combat situation, or humanitarian aid, or other situations where the military is deployed, its critical for commanders to have a good veiw of the troops deployment and situational awareness where the troops are in. At ACE6, we can provide the solution that enable commanders to have a good view of what is happening on the ground and make faster decisions by actually seeing and understanding what is happening in the front lines.

Solutions for Homeland Protection

Police, Fire Department, Custom and Immigration etc are all important agencies that are tasked with domestic protection of a country. Whether it is a police stakeout, a SWAT operation or riot control, or firemen fighting to control a raging fire, or custom offices checking some suspicious cargo, we have solution to improve situation awareness to enable faster decision making.


Solutions for Marine Protection

Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Navy, Marine Police, or any agencies tasked with protecting the waters, share a similar charter as their inland agencies. As such, our solutions can also be customised for marine protection agencies.

Solutions for Private Sector

While our customers are mostly in the government sector, our solutions can be adapted to cater to the business needs of commericial entities in the telecommunication, transport, energy, marine, mining and forestry verticals. These markets can utilise our solutions to protect their assets and and human capital.

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