Our Products


At ACE6, we started with a core offering of tactical communication products. Today, we offer a full range of products to complement our core communication products. The objective is to provide our customers with complete solutions for their projects and requirements. The products we carry can be broadly categorised into 6 categories

1. Surveillance Products

2. RF Communication Products

3. Software Products

4. Unmanned Drone Technology

5. Tagging and Tracking products

6. Others

Each catergy of products can be integrated with other categories to provide solustions for the various business sectors we have mentioned. Our product portfolio are carefully put together for the purpose of enhancing security, protect assets and provide extended suveillance capabilties for our customers. This is to facilitate better situational awareness and improve decision making time and efficiency.

Do contact us if you have any questions concerning what our products can do for you and your customers.




“The concept of surveillance is ingrained in our beings. God was the original surveillance camera - Hasan M. Elahi.”