Tagging and Tracking Products


Law Enforcement, and private security firms, uses Tag and Track solutions for a variety of applications. Those mention here are some common uses but does not represent all the applications.


1. Tag and Track (Covert Surveillance)

Tagging and tracking are suveillance products that are used by law enforement, homeland protection agencies, intelligence community, commercial private security companies etc. Whether the objective is to track a vehicle (eg. target vehicle, VIP vehicles or any vehicle assets), or to track personnel (eg. suspects, friendly agents or VIP), or to track pacakges, we have the products for law enforcement and private security firms.

ACE6 also have a range of cellular surveillance equipment providing law enforcers the capability to track cellular targets, and our covert tracking equipment is suitable for tracking people and vehicles in any environment. Our tagging, tracking, locate and intercept hardware capability features a range of satellite, GPS based and Radio Direction Finding, which does not rely on commercial infrastructure tracking systems. 

Due to the sensitive nature of such products, please contact us for more information.


2. Security Tracking

Inpixion Airpatrol is a solution that is designed for personnel tracking within a compound, building or designated area. While similar in concept to RFID tracking, Airpatrol tracks 2G/3G/4G, Bluetooth and Wifi devices, meaning it can track any mobile devices (ie cell phone, iPads, laptops etc).

Nowadays, almost everyone carries a mobile phone. When Airpatrol sensors are deployed in a building, whether they are employees working in a building, or visitors, or 3rd party contractors, practically anyone entering the building their positions can be tracked by building security as long as their mobile phones are turned on. As such, whether in the event of fire emergency, or terror attacks, security will know the positions of everyone in the building or facility and take appropriate actions.

Used in a reverse way, if mobile phones are not allowed in a particular facility/building, security can be alerted if visitors bring unauthorised mobile phones into the facility.

Airpatrol also allow geo-fencing, and have options to disallow certain Apps to be used (mobile device management) within the geo-fenced area, or even totally block off 2G/3G/4G signals to prevent mobile calls or data access.

Airpatrol is recommended for defence facilities, correctional facilities/prisons, government buildings, corporate buildings, shopping malls, airports, R&D faciltities, critical infrastructures (eg power stations), theme parks, adhoc VIP events.


3. Clearwater Vessel Tracking

Clearwater is a marine vessel tracking solution that allow vessel owners to track their vessels globally, wherever they are. It combines real time information and interactive easy-to-understand user interface, providing both Security and Logistics personnel who require real time information on vessel situation through industry intelligence and vessel movement through Clearwater Raptor Terminal feed.

In the Clearwater Portal, besides vessel tracking, users will have access to piracy intelligence, satellite imagery, ship route monitoring, daily reports and operation support. The service also allow test messages to be sent, allowing vessel to communicate with operation centre and vice versa. This solution can also be adapted for land vehicle tracking.



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