RF Communication Products



At ACE6, our staff has many years of RF communication experience, from satellite communciation to terrestrial RF communication. We bring value to our customers by integrating different RF communication solutions to fit into our customer's requirements.

The products we carry are

1. Mesh RF Communication Products. These groups of products are specialised multipoint-to-multipoint communication solutions, highly favoured for frontline tactical communication between men and/or vehicles. They are usually hubless. Two technologies are offered by ACE6, COFDM IP Mesh, and Wifi Mesh using Wifi technology. Each technology is different and hence used for different applications. They can also be combined to complement each other.


2. LTE and Point-to-Point Microwave Products. Private LTE networks are often used by government departments as a private wireless networks. LTE networks is typlically a star-network topology (point-to-mulitpoint), and will have a central BTS hub. LTE is often used in backend infrastraucture deployment scenario for traffic backhauling.


3. Satellite Communication Products. Satellite communications are long-range or wide geographical communication solution. Satcomm has been around for decades and its highly reliable form of communication for sea, air, and land applications.


4. Video Transmission Products. There are various wireless video transmission products in the market. It will generally include a transmitter and a receiver. At ACE6, we bring to our customers wireless video tranmission solution based on COFDM technology (private network) or using public 3G/4G/LTE network.


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