Other Products


We have various other products that complement our core communication products.

1. Expandable Trucks

Expandable Trucks can have many applications, from mobile command and control stations to field hospitals to mobile broadcast stations, these vehicles are mostly customized to customer's requirements. The internal can be designed to fit the purpose, and customers' requirements, for the vehicle. Depending on what the application is, our products and solutions can be installed and integrated into the vehicle. The expasion mechanism can be either hudraulic or electrical. Such trucks can be used as field command vehicle, field hospital, field kitchen, outdoor broadcasting vehicle etc.



2. Communication Trailers

Communication trailers are widely used for remote communication. Powered by diesel generators, or solar and batteries, these trailers are widely use for remote area security and surveillance. Fully customizable, trailers are widely used in the government and private sector.


3. Masts and Antennas

Mast are used together with telecommunication equipment as without the benefit of talls buildings in the remote areas, the only way to raise an antenna high is by using a mast. At ACE6, we work with 2 renown mast manufacturer to bring a one-stop solution to our customers. Whether it is man-packed masts, vehicle mast or a more permanent mast structure,

Wireless antennas are used together with RF communication products. These antennas are broadly catergorised into Directional Antennas, Sector Antennas, and Omni-directional Antennas. We work with a number of antennas manufacturers to provide a wide range of antennas options for our customers.


4. Rugged Devices / Computers

Rugged handheld devices and rugged computers are complementary products that we carry to be able to provide a holistic solution for our customers. Such devices include rugged Androild mobile phones, tablets as well as laptops, desktops and servers.



5. Interceptors

Mobile phone interceptors are used by homeland security agencies to locate and track targets. As these are classified products, please contact us for more information.


6. Personal Protection Gear

Personal Protection Gear is for military and police use only. They include gear like bulletproof helments, bulletproof vest and bulletproof shield.


7. Faraday Bags

These products are essentially radio frequency shielding bags. It is an enclosure formed by a multi-layered conductive mesh, coated in a rip-stop nylon, (the same material that parachutes are made of), then covered in a polyurethane outer skin to ensure the product is robust and fit for purpose. It prevents

a. Remote wiping of data via wireless means.

b. Tracking of devices,

c. Bugging.

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