Who we are


Our Vision : To provide our customers with the technological means to enhance protection to human lives and assets.

Our Mission : To research, innovate and develop new technological products, and integrate different technologies to offer a solution that will enhance the operational capabilities of our customers.

Headquartered in Singapore, ACE6 Technology is made up of a team of business professionals and engineers that has many years of experience in the telecommunication industry. Working with our business partners, we conduct research and development work to produce the next generation of communication and surveillance technologies that our customers can deploy to enhance protection and security for assets and human lives.

One of the main objective of conducting surveillance is to enhance situation awareness, which will lead to better understanding and faster decision making by leaders of organizations. Such decisions can often save human lives and protect important assets. So our business is all about providing solutions to enhance situational awareness for timely and effective decision making. Having complete, accurate and up-to-the-minute situation awareness is essential where technological and situational complexity on the human decision-maker are a concern. Situation awareness has been recognized as a critical, yet often elusive, foundation for successful decision-making across a broad range of complex and dynamic systems, including aviation, air traffic control, ship navigation, health care, emergency response and military command and control operations, and offshore oil and nuclear power plant management.

ACE6 Technology has build up a portfolio of products that forms our 6 Core Technologies. We are constantly researching the latest in communication and surveillance technologies that can be integrated with our existing product lines. In addition, we also engage in R&D to develop and manufacture our own in-house line of technological products based on our 6 Core Technologies. These different technologies can be integrated to offer bespoke solutions to government agencies responsible for defence and homeland security. Our solutions can also be adapted for commercial enterprises.



“We do not take away the powers of surveillance. We do not take away the right and the power of the government to go after those who would do us wrong - Larry Craig.”